Quick Report On DAIMUN

Farnesina Rimun 2019

Daimun has been first of all a unique opportunity for all the students and the teachers involved in the experience to face the deep contrast between the quick growth of INDIA and its upper classes, on one side, and, on the other side, the heavy heritage of religious culture, English colonialism and globalization, which keep hundreds of millions people in a painful state of exclusion, exploitation and poverty.

We could notice this contrast through the comfortable, elegant, warm care and welcome of the DHIRUMBAI AMBANI SCHOOL  and of the host families and  the volunteering experience of the village during the last two days of our journey, but also through our tour..

All of  were able to  taste and appreciate the local spicy cuisine, the amazing ruins of the temples of  Elephanta  and Karla Caves with their treasure of myths , the heritage of  British and western architecture  in some important buildings of Mumbai, such as Chhatrapati Shivaji , the railway terminal built in Victorian style, the charming clothes and jewelry of women.

The weather was generally sunny, a little bit hard for us because it was always  hot and wet, with  pollution and traffic,  very noisy and  impressive compared with our country, but typical of almost all the metropolis all over the world.

In only one word it was superb!